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HELLO, and welcome to EcoJaunt.  We are an eco-educational interactive video website seeking out knowledge as we travel throughout the United States.  Please use the menu to see all the video categories.  Thanks for visiting and... ENJOY!

Our mission at EcoJaunt is to take our cameras and explore and learn sustainable tactics being implemented throughout the country and create fun, inspirational, and educational how-to style videos and interviews. We will be sharing these videos on the web and holding presentations in the towns where we visit and film. We will make DVDs to share with schools along the way and send them back to Portland in order to better educate our youth and plant the seeds of sustainability early.

The website is a place where people can search through videos and how-to projects to learn about sustainable ideas and practices; or view our adventures as episodic entertainment that will spark ideas that they can implement. It will also be a place where everyone can chat and spread ideas on a discussion forum. Communities will be able to share ideas and questions directly with each other and post their words for the world to see.

Our website will leave no one out. People from any climate or financial position will be able to learn and apply these lessons. We will cover all types of sustainable topics and levels of involvement, from the very basic to the highly advanced.

Be apart of the movement- we invite you to watch videos, comment, post in the forum and spread this stoke to others!!

Start your own projects and help others! Tell us about it!

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